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  • Lejog 2010
  • Sunshine Challenge 2011
  • Ultra6 World Record Challenge 2013
  • Twin City World Record 2014
  • Loan Ranger Ride 2014
  • Yorkshire 3 Peaks Double Ultra


  • Toughest of all mythical TDF Climbs
  • Gradient max 12%, medications Ave 7.20%
  • Length 21.4km - 13.3mls
  • Height 1, symptoms 912m - 6,2724ft
  • Elevation gain 1,639m - 5,377ft
  • 12th hardest climb in France

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In recent years Ultra6 have encouraged and supported cyclists and runners in taking on extreme challenges in extreme circumstances in the UK and Europe.  As well as raising over £120,000 for good causes including our chosen charity ‘ABF The Soldiers Charity’, Ultra6 have achieved dream goals, including creating three new world records.

Ultra6 have delivered inspirational talks to over 3,000 school children.  Our aim is to inspire and motivate you!

Ultra6 RACE TO SPACEspaceman

“Mission to the Edge of Space” the stratosphere…

Why Race into Space?


In 2015 Ultra6, a team of 5 Yorkshire cyclists, achieved the first world record to cycle into space. Cyclists often talk about cycling the height of Everest, but Ultra6 have been to the final frontier!

The famous Mont Ventoux was the setting, and Ultra6 rode it continuously to ascend 100,000ft and descend 100,000ft in the quickest possible time.

Get Involved!

For more information:

Call Andy North
Tel: 07718 203 767
Email: andy@north.myzen.co.uk

Call Ben Wood
Tel: 07730 503 478
Email: everysecond@fmail.co.uk




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