Dream Big……This is Ultra6 challenge.

Wow so this is the Ultra6 Website, finally feels like the challenge is upon us and it’s already picking up speed and momentum. Myself (Ben Wood) and Andy North have been dreaming up this challenge for the last couple of years. At first myself and Andy North were asking each other is this challenges possible? I replied to Andy “yeah i reckon, anythings possible”

I’ve always believed that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Sounds cheesy i know, but sometimes you have to dream big. This challenge is big alright. It’s possibly the biggest thing i have ever been involved in. It’s scary, but exciting, inspiring and nerve racking all rolled in to one.

Will we make it?…. will I make it?…. what if?

I’m pretty sure i’m not the only one who feels this way. Not only about this challenge but any major goal that one has in front of you. Sometimes the first step is just to say yes, even though you have your doubts. Everyone has doubts, but for me it’s learning how to stay positive. Train hard, Eat well and fingers crossed it will all work like clock work. Sounds easy, it’s not, far from it. If anything keeping calm and trying to iron out all the tiny problems and getting all the finer details sorted can be the key to winning or failing.

My inspiration last year was seeing Team sky dominating the Tour de France and Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour. What Bradley and Team sky did is work every tiny fine detail out, from diet to nutrition, training to sleeping, kit to how their bikes were set up . All these things are going to make the difference when we get running and cycling on that first day in cornwall. If we can iron these details out the rest of the challenges will become so much easier. It’s not going to be easy, if it was easy somebody would have already done it by now.

The words “World Record” to me sounds like it’s hard. It’s something i’ve always seen as being the greatest thing you could ever achieve. From a young age i suppose this has been one of my dreams, It’s only now i’m finally realising I can make my dreams become reality with hard work and a positive mental attitude, maybe dreams can become reality.

Dream big folks, this is Ultra6 challenge!