Ben ‘Space Wood

Nick name for the challenge and why?

Basically space is the place and I always try to put some space between me and the rest…


Why are you doing this challenge?

I’m doing this challenge to prove against all odds that just about anything is possible.  With the right training, diet and determination we can not only set a new world record, but inspire other people to live their dreams and raise money for ABF the soldiers charity at the same time.


How long have you been cycling?

I have been cycling 20 plus years, all types from BMX to road cycling.


What are your strengths on the bike?

Climbing and endurance.


What are your key achievements in cycling / sport?

Setting a new world record with Ultra6 team in 2013, and helping others to achieve their goals in cycling.  Being a bicycle mechanic for 15 years and helping people to keep riding their bikes has been my biggest professional achievement.


What fears / challenges do you think you will have to overcome on the mountain to achieve the Race to Space?

There are so many challenges to overcome. Mentally this will be harder than anything I’ve ever done to date on the bike. Staying focused under extreme physical stress and tiredness on the way back down the mountain will be as hard as riding up the mountain. This will be difficult to train for and being mentally fit enough to stay relaxed and in control in an uncontrollable environment is my biggest fear.