Jimmy Power house’ Welsh

Nick name for the challenge and why?
“Power house” – when in doubt, try to bend the cranks and pull the bars off.


Why are you doing this challenge?
I wanted to challenge myself and have a specific cycling goal to focus on. The opportunity to train and prepare in the months prior to the challenge with like minded friends was also a massive factor.


How long have you been cycling?
I rode BMX for around 15 years and only got into road cycling in 2013 when I moved to Mallorca.


What are your strengths on the bike?
My strengths are mainly skills I’ve carried over from my BMX past. Bike handling / control and power off the mark.


What is / are your key achievements in cycling / sport?
This challenge will be my first significant cycling achievement.


What fears / challenges do you think you will have to overcome on the mountain to achieve the Race to Space?
Other than general fatigue, I’m not looking forward to descending in the dark whilst being extremely tired.