Ultra6 Training


Training – How to train for a World Record?

There are so many facets to training for such an event as Race to Space or Ultra6 world record in 2013…

Firstly there is the ever challenging winter training, decease this is were you get the base for cranking it up in Spring, and of course that is if your challenge is in Summer, if you might have selected a challenge in the spring then you are going to have to do all the key training through the winter months, and that is ok if you are located in warmer climates, if not then you have to contend with the UK winter, cold dark short days with periods of snow, ice, blizzards. So get out the turbo trainer on your summer bike and get set up in the spare room in front of a screen and watch some old Tour de France video to dream away. Or do what Ultra6 Yorkshire team do best and get out what ever the weather and if you survive this you earn the right to succeed.

The team train hard but wise, steadily building up the periodisation, hard rate zones, turbo interval hard efforts, long endurance ride, shorter recovery rides, but allowing enough time to rest and recover so your body slowing builds up the right strength for the task in hand. Our task in hand for 2015 is to shed weight (Palaeo Style) and build strength, if we are going to be climbing and descending Mont Ventoux 19 times to get ourselves in the earths stratosphere we need to lean and strong and focused for 3.5 days solid riding day and night.

Milestone Testers..

So how do we know that we are on the right track, on course, where we expect to be at any given time.. This is what a previous business client once taught me, when he asked me “how do you know you are on track for success with my contract” and I had to put in place what he called Milestones, these have stayed with me ever since and we always have set up a series of testers to check our progress and get us to remember and recall the really tough days when we are on the challenge..


1 –  Cragg Vail recce ride x 10 reps – 8th Feb

2 –  Crag Vail – 20 reps  – 22nd Feb (support)

3 –  12hr Ride – 21st or 22nd March (support)

4 –  Murcia Training Camp 9th – 19th April, includes day and night riding with 100,000ft of ascent and 500 miles of cycling

5 –  Tour de Yorkshire 1 – 3 May – pre tour ride 3rd May as a team (also 75 mile ride 2 days prior)

6 –  Fred Witton challenge – 10th May

7 –  Everest Challenge Murder Mile – 17th May 30,000ft ascent & descent continuous riding day and night

8 –  300 miles Coast to Coast & Back again to see how far it is? – 6th & 7th June (support required)