Training & nutrition advice with Leeds Trinity Uni

Trinity Performance, shop an enterprise unit in Leeds Trinity University’s department of Sport, stuff Health & Nutrition, viagra 100mg is pleased to be supporting the ULTRA6 race team in their Race to Space challenge. As part of this support Dr Jon Radcliffe, a Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology & Coaching and physiologist Dr Matt Sedgwick have worked with Andy North and Ben Wood, providing psychological preparation, physiological testing and training & nutrition advice.

Psychological Preparation

The first aim was to appreciate the mammoth 500 mile challenge being undertaken. This required meetings with Andy to discuss the extent of the challenge and break the goal into controllable chunks using goal setting strategies. Specifically short term goals were decided which were discussed and agreed with the team to break the challenge in to challenging but manageable pieces.

The next potential issue is the cohesion of the team attempting the record. With the formidable task and differing cycling abilities combined with the ambition of only affording 4 hours per day to sleep, it was important to ensure that the team is able to perform well as a unit. Potential strategies were discussed relating to identifying co-operative interdependent goals where the personal goals all contribute to the team goal of setting the record. This was important as it allowed group members to have differing goals to cater for their cycling strategies but enhanced group cohesion by discussing methods to support each other through the challenges.

Finally, the realistic goals and appraisal of the level of threat of the challenge was discussed. Strategies were identified, including the ability to shift goals appropriately when necessary. Importantly, modifying goals in light of evolving challenges we face should be regarded as strength and not a personal limitation. It was discussed how the success markers do not always appear consistent and the same throughout the challenge and it is important to recognise that reducing the goal does not mean that it is an easier challenge. The objective was to maintain the level of challenge whilst ensuring the target is realistic when considering the effect of fatigue over the 4 day challenge.

  • The goal setting strategy was aimed at aligning personal goals with that of the team.
  • Ensuring all team members are aware of each other’s goals
  • Identifying methods to support teammates
  • Recognising the need to modify the goal to optimise the level of challenge


Physiology Testing and Training & Nutrition Advice

Andy and Ben visited Trinity Performance’s exercise physiology laboratory early in April and undertook a lactate threshold and maximal aerobic power test. The results of these tests were used to inform optimal training intensities for their training in preparation for the Race to Space challenge. These results also allow for their training programmes to be evaluated at a later date, allow for suitable adjustments to be made and inform Andy and Ben that they are reaping the benefits of training.

The physiology testing session was followed by a series of discussions on how to monitor their training to ensure they did not progress into a state of overtraining and around nutritional intake during their training and preparation to ensure they could maintain training at a high intensity and reduce the chances of developing coughs and colds.

It is envisioned in the upcoming weeks that the team will complete a series of simulated rides of the ascent and decent in our exercise physiology laboratory to help establish suitable pacing and be involved in discussions on what to eat and drink during the challenge.


About Trinity Performance

Trinity Performance is an enterprise unit of the Department of Sport, Health and Nutrition at Leeds Trinity University. Trinity Performance provides tailored physiology and fitness testing and training, nutrition and psychology consultancy to members of the public. Whether you are an athlete or a coach and regardless of your level of competition, we offer to support to develop performance in sport and exercise.